Monday, May 3, 2010


Today is my 1st day in the TNBD 33kV Protection Department.
I went to PPU Aman Jaya, Sg Petani Kedah.
They shut down the PPU and did a total maintenance.
these are some of the pictures i've taken for the day.

all the "gangs" gathered~
Relay Test Set

 Numerical Relay
 SCADA team

 fixing the relay setting
 inside the Remote Terminal Unit
Vacuum Circuit Breaker (VCB)  and  Relay
 VCB maintenance

  Vacuum in the breaker
 outgoing cable
 fixing the transformer's fan
 Tap Changing Gear
 Tap Changing Control
 removing the tap changing from the transformer for maintenance purpose
 cleaning the hole with transformer's oil (hyrax)
 transformer's oil
 fill the hole with the Hyrax oil
cleaning the tap changing

I think that's all for the day!


  1. praktikal ea?
    mne gmbr ko wat keje bali?
    asyik amek gmbr org je=p
    curi tulang ea?~