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I studied about Distribution Network Master Plan (DNMP).It is part of a distribution planning cycle and process to assess the future (planning horizon: 1-3 years for 11kV and 1-5 years for 33kV) distribution system conditions and identify system development options for compliance to the distribution system performance objectives or defined performance targets.

The key objectives of this annual planning exercise for distribution system planners are:

1) To provide fact-based assessment of network performance (existing and future years within planning horizon).

2) To review system performance objectives/targets.

3) To review TNB Distribution planning and development strategies, policies if necessary.

4) To develop & test network solutions in meeting system performance objectives.

5) To identify and select best network development options.

6) To identify medium-term system development and reinforcement CAPEX for a supply zone and state.

Overall, the system planning process and preparation of a master plan undertaken in

DNMP would provide a comprehensive analysis and documentation of the current and future system performance status as well as the investment required to meet the targeted system performance objectives.

The DNMP will encompass the following tasks and analyses for a supply zone:

1) Network modeling of all subsystems (33kV)

2) Load scaling based on disaggregated demand forecast.

3) Load flow, security and contingency analyses.

4) Short circuit analysis.

5) Determination of target networks founded on best network solutions.

6) Recommendation of network expansion and reinforcement projects.

7) Preparation of summary report.

DNMP Methodology

The methodology or approach adopted for 33kV DNMP is as outlined in Appendix 1. A brief overview of the methodology and tasks undertaken in this planning exercise is shown in the flow-chart below.

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